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Caring Catalog returns Nov 28

Memory Cafe is excited to join FM Area Foundation’s Caring Catalog Nov 28 – Dec 9, 2022 in a community fundraising event. Support Memory Cafe through Caring Catalog to help us unlock matching gifts, win sponsor giveaways, and reach our 2022 fundraising goal of $200,000.

Special thanks to Memory Cafe’s 2022 Caring Catalog Hosts Mark and Teryl Clausen:

A gift we have appreciated on this journey is Memory Cafe. It allows us to share ourselves and our experiences with others who understand what we’re going through. There are opportunities to learn as well as opportunities to serve. The gift of kindness is abundant there and also the precious gift of laughter. So we walk on…

~The Clausens
Help us reach our $200,000 goal

Our Mission & Goal

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.

~Anne Frank

With the tremendous support we have received from our ‘Memory Cafe Village’ we are improving the world for the memory loss community and their loved ones. At the heart of what we do is recognize the intrinsic beauty and value of these individuals and celebrate their remaining strengths throughout the course of their disease.

I love Memory Cafe. The people still ‘see’ my wife and not just all that she can’t do.

~Paul I.

The pervasive and brutal stigma associated with dementia is devastating for the individuals and families we are privileged to serve. The fear of being judged, marginalized, or embarrassed causes them to hide instead of remaining engaged in our beautiful community. As the disease progresses, their world shrinks and they often become dangerously anxious, lonely, and depressed.

With your financial partnership, Memory Cafe is rapidly shifting this perilous paradigm. We inspire hope, joy, and a sense of empowerment for the individuals living with memory loss and their care partners. Without us, a gaping hole would exist in their world. We offer at no charge three opportunities each week for our participants to laugh, learn, and engage in community and a monthly caregiver support group to help address their special challenges.

The gratitude our family feels for Memory Cafe is hard to express in words. You provided an outlet for both Clark and I that was fun, loving, and supportive. We admire your commitment to the community and people like us living with memory loss. What you do is so needed. Thank you!

~The Weisser family

We are thrilled to partner with you, our village, to continue providing these vibrant opportunities to improve the world for our memory loss community.

Help us reach our $200,000 goal

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