Giving Heart Day Returns …

Thursday, February 9th

Giving Hearts Day Hearts Day is a 24-hour giving event for nearly 550 charities across North Dakota and northwest Minnesota on Thursday, Feb. 9th, 2023. This exhilarating day is coming right up and we couldn’t be more excited!! GHD provides Memory Cafe with our largest influx of income of the entire year!

Giving Hearts Day gives EVERYONE an opportunity to support their local charities in various ways:

  1. Give Financially – There are multiple ways to donate funds to Memory Cafe. You can pre-schedule your online donation, donate online on February 9th, or write a check (see details below).
  2. Give New and Like New Goods (Gift Cards for Meeting Refreshments (Local Bakeries, Hornbachers, Cashwise, Walmart, Target), Crafting & Art Supplies and Kits, Coffee Pods, Disposable Coffee Cups, hp962XL Black Ink Cartridges, hp962 Color Ink Cartridges, Copy or Printer Paper, Fabric Scissors (multiple pairs needed), Colorful Sticker Nametags for Meeting Participants, etc.)
    We also have an Amazon Wish List for convenience.
  3. Give Time and Talents by Volunteering – Memory Cafe simply would not exist without our amazing and faithful volunteers. If you are wanting to have a lot of fun and want to feel great doing it – donate your time and talent to Memory Cafe. Please reach out to Leeora at with questions or to get started.

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